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Design Decisions says Fuchsloch. "With businesses across the globe gradually phasing out their needs for large manual workforces, and switching to automated machinery, it really is only a matter of time before workloads that have until now been carried out manually, are achieved entirely through the use of machinery. Our country needs businesses that employ staff and educate PEM® Brand Fasteners Strong attachments in thin sheets. staff, this is the key to economic prosperity and social stability." Advantages of Automated Machinery: • Speed of production increases dramatically, with up to 140m per minute of metal being rollformed and punched. • Superior safety system with fewer injuries on the job. • Auto stacking allows the packing of materials without handling by humans. • Dual decoilers with coil carts reducing damage to coil inners. • PLC's with remote management control systems. • Labor costs substantially diminished. • Workloads are easier to manage with the ability to calculate exact production costs and time taken to produce parts. • Increased production capacity. • Less waste and better yields. PEM® brand fasteners keep loose parts to a minimum since the fastener becomes permanently attached to the host (panel) material. These fasteners offer a wide selection of product types, styles, sizes and mounting types to meet most application requirements. Value added design: Install into: • Locking threads • Right angle threads • Floating threads • Unthreaded • Snap attachment • Flush mounted • Blind threads • Concealed heads • Cable mount • Captive screws Mounting styles: • Steel • Stainless Steel • Aluminum • PC Boards • Self-clinching • Broaching • Surface mount • Flare • Weld Into a punched hole, simply press fastener into place. For more information go to 404 ©2013 Disadvantages of Using Automated Machinery: • Not all automated machines are created equal and great care needs to be taken when placing your order, to ensure that the outcome matches your expectations, your material being processed and your budget. • The more high-tech the machine, the higher the price. Businesses need to see them as an investment for the future. • Breakdowns can be costly, closing down the entire production line, so care needs to be taken that you are buying a quality machine that offers the least amount of downtime. Do these machines herald the demise of the labourer and the dawn of the machine for metal rollforming? It is an undisputable reality that machinery has already replaced the human hand in nearly every other industry, from cars to clothing and consumer goods. Sentiment is losing out to profits once again as the labour finds themselves at the wrong end of the stick. "Each business has to decide what is best for its clients and staff alike," says Fuchsloch. "Every business is unique and has a unique set of needs and expectations set by stakeholders. This and other factors will determine whether automation is on the cards or not. It's definitely not for everybody." DN march 2013 | www.d esign n –16–

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