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Now oN .com Automation & Control The International Federation of Robotics reports that global sales of industrial robots increased by a whopping 38 percent in 2011 over 2010. In this blog, we'll look at some of the results of the IRF's "World Robotics: Industrial Robots 2012" report. In a later blog, we'll examine the IRF's report on service robots, "World Robotics: Service Robots 2012." Engineering Materials Efforts to produce high-performance, unblended biofuels that can be used as drop-in replacements for petroleum-based jet fuel have taken a major step forward. The National Research Council of Canada reported that the 100-percent non-food biofuel used in its historic test flight displayed reduced emissions compared to conventional jet fuel. Army's 'Super Engine' Would Streamline Fuel Use The US military is looking to bolster fuel efficiency by creating a so-called "super engine" that runs on one type of fuel and can power a number of vehicles. Hybrid Snake Robotic Probe Reduces Need for Invasive Surgery A group of engineers and researchers have designed a robotic probe that will make it easier for doctors to access hard-to-reach areas while delivering medication or performing surgery. Boeing's Woes Shouldn't Be an Indictment of Electric Cars Design Hardware & Software In an effort to gain momentum for DARPA's Adaptive Vehicle Make program, the Applied Research Lab at Pennsylvania State University has adopted aPriori's Product Cost Management software platform for their CIMP-3D facility. oNliNe ResouRce centeR WHItE PAPER A New Mindset in Product Design: 3D Printing Can Help Bring Products to Market Faster The terms 3D printing and additive manufacturing refer to processes that automatically build objects layer by layer from computer data.The technology is already well-used in many sectors including transportation, health care, military, and education. WHItE PAPER The Business Value of Product Data Management Read how executives from Ametek Technical P roducts, VISA Lighting, and others, were able to achieve game-changing business objectives with Product Document Management (PDM). The author, Jim Brown, is the president of Tech-Clarity, an independent research and consulting firm that specializes in analyzing the true business value of software technology. Boeing's batteries overheated and burned onboard a 787, but that shouldn't be an indictment of lithium-ion chemistries. Mechatronics Zone A Texas-based startup has released two new smart controllers as part of its flagship product line aimed at simplifying motion control for manufacturing automation and other types of robots. Plasma: A Cut Above the Rest Whether you are a heavy-duty do-it-yourselfer, or are managing an enormous steel manufacturing project, it's important to choose the right machinery for your needs. CoNNeCt with Us WHItE PAPER Avoiding Linear Bearing Failure When linear bearing systems fail prematurely, the reason almost always involves an overlooked application error. These errors fall into five different categories. Left unchecked, these five errors can reduce the life of a bearing by 50 percent or more. Our technical service team has published a new series of technical articles explaining the five causes of bearing failure in detail and offering advice on how to steer clear of them. Design News' System & Product Design Engineering group: http// Design News' general Twitter feed: Get Design News' RSS feeds at: and sign up for email newsletters at: Design News | march 2013 | www.d esign n –9–

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