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i n t h e m a r k e t p l ac e Miniature Length Sensor ZMD Series Can be used on almost any surface while operating at speeds up to 3,000 feet per minute Omega introduces its new series of miniature length sensors that are compact in size and easy to use. The ZMD series features a built-in spring-loaded torsion arm that provides a simple-to-adjust torsion load, allowing the unit to be mounted in almost any orientation, including upside-down. Using a 6-inch also can measure an impact and relay that value to the user. A single programmer has the ability to service an unlimited number of impact sensors throughout an entire plant. PHD Series KG Impact Sensor uses: • Predictive maintenance device — Detects change in impact force, can help reduce unanticipated downtime, and minimizes unnecessary preventive maintenance. • Productivity tripwire — Flags appropriate personnel of machine crash, indicates when machine has crashed, and stops production of bad parts. • Benchmarking — Measures impact (programmer required), counts impacts or extreme vibration (<400hz), and monitors centripetal forces. PHD circumference wheel, the ZMD can be used on almost any surface while operating at speeds up to 3,000 feet per minute. The housing is durable, conductive composite material that will eliminate static build-up, which makes this product ideal for light- to medium-duty sensing applications. Whether you need to measure speed, position, or distances, the CE-compliant ZMD series sensor is a solution. For use in food industries involving conveyor ovens, industrial wire manufacturing, and medical lab mixing equipment. Omega Engineering Inc. PHD Series KG Impact Sensor Provides monitoring of equipment performance The PHD Series KG Impact Sensor easily attaches to and monitors any piece of equipment that has motion. Featuring single-axis/bi-directional sensitivity, the sensor attaches to the moving part of a machine or device and monitors impact. A PLC can interpret the signal to warn of erratic operation or shut down a system to prevent catastrophic failure. Using the KG Programmer, the KG Impact Sensor [w w w. de s ig n n e w s . c o m ] Zero Dead Volume Thru-Flow Sensor Technology Scalable to substantially smaller line sizes After a two-year R&D effort, DJ Instruments has announced that its proprietary Thru-Flow Pressure Transducer technology is scalable to substantially smaller line sizes. These transducers are used widely in HPLC (high performance liquid chromatography) and other analytical and processing applications where accurate pressure sensing is critical. They have 100 percent swept ID surfaces that present no cavities or protrusions that would trap particulates and contamination or create turbulence that could result in process disturbances. The internal volume of DJ Instruments' LV2 low volume thru-flow sensor is approximately 1 microliter compared to the standard DF2 model with an interior volume of 13 microliters. DJ Instruments' thru-flow pressure sensors have a small footprint and may be installed anywhere in the piping system. The devices are resistant to shock and vibration and provide excellent EMI protection. The new LV2 low volume thru-flow model is available for pressure ranges from 5,000 up to 30,000 psig. Accuracy is within 0.25 percent of full scale. 6Al4V titanium is the standard material for the LV2, while a f e b r u a ry 2013 T r e n d waTch : s e ns o r s / mach ine v is io n / a s up p le me nT To de s ign news T19

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