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Medical Supplament Name Here IN THE MARKETPLACE Full Range oF DC MiCRoMotoRs FoR MeDiCal appliCations Capable of very high speeds, produce little or no EMI emission (electromagnetic interference), provide long life, and have low audible noise Pittman Motors, a division of Ametek/ Precision Motion Control, offers highperformance slotless brushless DC motors for medical applications, such as high-speed surgical tools, dental tools, medical instruments, and other small medical devices. In addition to their small size, Pittman high-performance slotless brushless motor designs offer many benefits that are well-suited for medical applications. These miniature motors are capable of very high speeds, produce little or no EMI emission (electromagnetic interference), provide long life, and have low audible noise. In addition, the slotless design eliminates magnetic cogging. In Pittman slotless brushless motors, the stator teeth are completely eliminated by forming and encapsulating the entire stator winding along the inside surface of the back iron. The result is zero detent torque, low inductance, and fast response rates. Pittman's smallest high-performance motor is 0.375-inch (9.53 mm) with a maximum speed of up to 70,000rpm and a torque rating of up to 0.3 oz-inch (0.002Nm). Overall length is 2 inch (50.8 mm). The motor has a 2-pole permanent magnet rotor, a 3-phase stator, and sensorless commutation. Larger diameters in the high-performance line include 0.5-inch (12.7 mm), 0.8-inch (20 mm), and 1.1-inch (28 mm). Maximum speeds are available up to 60,000rpm and torque ratings from 0.9 oz-inch (0.006Nm) to 14.9 oz-inch (0.105Nm). Each diameter has two available stack lengths. The motors are constructed using four pole rotors, 3-phase stators, and integral Hall sensor feedback spaced for 120 electrical degrees. Standard features for the high-performance DC motor offering include shielded ball bearings, stainless-steel construction, and high-energy neodymium rotor magnets. Permanent magnet rotors are balanced for smooth and quiet operation at high speeds. Autoclavable versions are available in all motor sizes. Pittman Motors CypRess Capsense DeviCes New controllers offer robust performance with no system tuning, speeding time-to-market for white goods, home appliances, industrial, medical, and consumer applications Cypress Semiconductor Corp. introduces the CY8C20xx7/S CapSense and CapSense Plus controllers with Cypress's new QuietZone technology to combat noise. The new devices offer a number of features, including ultra-low power consumption, high signal to noise ratio (SNR), and high immunity to noise. They also offer the industry's best solution for proximity and water tolerance. The new CapSense controllers feature QuietZone technology, which provides unequaled immunity to radiated and conducted noise. The result of Cypress's vast experience in replacing over four billion buttons, QuietZone technology delivers best-in-class SNR, ensuring robust touch performance even in extreme noise environments. Its high sensitivity can determine changes in finger capacitance as low as 0.1 pF. A M14 medi c a l / a su ppl e m e n t t o d e s i g n n e w s f e b r uary 2013 key component of this technology is Cypress's Capacitive Sigma Delta (CSD) Plus sensing algorithm. The CY8C20xx7S devices feature SmartSense Auto-tuning that automatically sets and monitors the performance of each sensor and dynamically compensates for noise and environmental variations during runtime to deliver optimal sensor performance and uniform button response. This technology also adapts to manufacturing variations in PCBs, overlays, and tunes out noise generators such as LCD inverters, AC lines, and switched-mode power supplies, saving engineers precious development time in implementing capacitive touch designs. It tunes all design parameters for both proximity detection and water tolerance features, with separate fine tuning for proximity distance. SmartSense simplifies the design process and satisfies the rigorous demands of the industrial and white goods markets. The CY8C20xx7/S also offers proximity detection of up to 30cm. Its low power enables proximity designs in battery-powered applications, such as "wake-on-approach" for mice that provides lower system power consumption by allowing the device to sleep until a user's hand approaches. The family also has driven shield capability, which enhances water tolerance capabilities in applications that face the challenges of mist, water droplets or streaming water. The CY8C20xx7/S is for all applica[]

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