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shipped starting in the second quarter of 2013, with a wider availability opening up in the second half of 2013. Design Hardware & Software Objet's Largest 3D Printer Doesn't Lose Precision — Cabe Atwell, Contributing Editor, Design Hardware & Software For More Information: The Objet1000 can print down to 16 microns, making it the most precise machine currently on the market. Objet1000: the objet1000 is Objet Ltd.'s larg- est printer to date and features a 1,000 mm x 800 mm x 500 mm build envelope along with the company's Connex multi-material capability. This printer is big and means business; it's not your average hobbyist printer that you would find in your neighbor's garage. Measuring about the size of a compact car, the Objet1000 was designed to be used within industries such as automotive, defense, medical, or any other sector that may benefit from large, industrial size, 1:1 precise prototypes. It uses the effective and efficient technology previously used by Objet. Utilizing its Connex multi-material capability, the printer can simultaneously print two different materials. Additionally, the company offers more than 100 different materials, which can all be used to print products with different properties. As a result, designers and engineers have the capability to create materials with unique thermal or mechanical properties or materials that can bend like a rubber. Objet technology also features the industry's highest resolution. Materials printed from the machine are based on a 16 micron layering process, whereas Makerbot's Replicator 2 can achieve a quality within 100 micron layers. Formlabs recently released a printer using a similar printing technology as Objet that can print as precise as 25 microns. However, Makerbot and Formlabs alike are both designed to bring 3D printing home and cannot even begin to compare to the size Objet1000 can work with. The first printers available will be Design News | february 2013 –37– micro TM fasteners Ideal for today's compact electronics • Gaming/Hand Held Devices • Notebooks • Cell/Smart Phones • Tablet Computers ! NEW microPEMTM Self-Clinching TackPin™ Fasteners—Designed for Sheet-to-Sheet Attachment • • • • Replaces screws, welds, and adhesives. Attaches top sheets as thin as 0.2 mm/ .008". Clinches into base panel as hard as HRB 45 / HB 84. Tapered and interference fit minimize hole tolerance issues. To see our complete line of microPEM fasteners and capabilities go to our website and click on the microPEM button. Locating pins Standoffs/spacers Low profile head screws Inserts for plastics Surface mount nuts/spacers Go to and select the product literature tab to view microPEMTM Self-Clinching TackPinTM bulletin 383 ©2013

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