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News Trends \\\ Breakthroughs \\\ Developments Fitbit Zip Packs Lots of Functionality Into Small, Water-Tight Package The change in processor architecture and radio led to some design challenges. it was with a fair amount of disappointment that I had to perform a teardown on the Fitbit Zip. Not that I don't like taking things apart and analyzing their design. Quite the contrary; it's one of the most fun tasks I get to perform as part of my job. The disappointment came because I got pretty attached to the device (figuratively). I'm a semi-regular runner, and the Zip helped me get the most out of my workouts. And taking it apart ended that relationship. If you're familiar with my teardown articles, I only use one tool — a hammer. So putting the device back together was a non-issue. You put the Fitbit Zip somewhere on your body, such as in your pocket, your sock, etc., and you keep it there all day, whether you're doing an actual workout, walking through the mall, or doing just about anything that requires you to move. The device tracks your steps, distance, and Design News | february 2013 | www.d esign n –32–

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