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Design Decisions "You need to know, is the datasheet showing an IEC pulse or an HBM pulse?" Marak said. "It makes a big difference." Is it applicable? Many protection device datasheets call out 2kV and 4kV pulses, even though the majority of product manufacturers use 8kV as a benchmark. "If I'm using 8kV, then I don't care what a 2kV plot looks like," Marak said. Know how datasheet clamping voltages are measured. Make sure the clamping voltages referenced in the datasheet correspond to your design. "If they're stating a clamping voltage between pins one and two, then make sure you're connecting to the same pins in your circuit," Marak said. Experience helps. Because circuit protection is a subject rarely taught in college engineering curriculums, engineers typically learn it the hard way — through mistakes. That's why it's critical for new designers to make a concerted effort to learn the ins and outs of ESD."It's definitely a matter of experience," Marak said."If you're an engineer who has been designing for a number of years, then you've probably been made aware of the need for circuit protection. But if you're a new designer out of school and you didn't get any academic training in ESD, then be prepared. It looks simple, but it's not." Use the right layout. "Even if you've purchased the best circuit protection device in the world, it won't matter unless you use the proper printed circuit board layout," Marak said. Almost everything is susceptible. Some products are more likely to suffer ESD strikes, but it pays to be aware, no matter how safe think your product is. Virtually everything — televisions, settop boxes, smartphones, tablet computers, music players, DVD systems, telecom equipment, printers, routers, blood glucose monitors, and blood pressure pumps, to name a few — can The Medical Device industry is highly specialized. Those who service it must all be damaged by ESD. "Even the possess the expertise to meet the demands of this dynamic, cost-sensitive test equipment we use to measure the marketplace. The Dymax EDGE provides the assembly solutions you need performance of our own products is to solve your specific application challenges. Our consultative experts are susceptible to ESD," Marak said. industry leaders in the design, development, and implementation of every For designers, the bottom line is aspect of light-curing adhesive technology. They view each application vigilance and experience. Experienced through your eyes and envision innovative ways to co-optimize the entire designers typically are better at underassembly process. As a result, you get the fastest, most reliable process with standing the subtleties of datasheets, but higher throughput and far less energy consumption, lowering your overall even the best can be fooled if they don't production costs. To learn more, visit examine the sheets closely. "Manufacturers use creative marketing to present their devices in the best light," Marak said. "So if you don't take the time to read the datasheets and understand the ESD characteristics, then you could mislead yourself into buying a device 87 7 - 3 9 6 - 2 988 that's not going to give you the protection you expect." DN Would a doctor prescribe the same course of treatment for every patient? DYMX-0149 PrescrAd 4.5x7.5R1.indd 1 Design News | february 2013 | www.d esign n –18– 1/14/13 12:51 PM

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