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Fluid Power/Motion Control If the Telstar workpiece is manufactured on a machine in a semi-closed loop, the positioning accuracy and repeatability is limited by the transmission error of the recirculating ball-screw in the linear axes and the transmission in the rotary axes. The result: the seam width fluctuates on the Telstar workpiece. The intersections cannot coincide exactly with each seam, so that a clear displacement of the seams' centers results. In a closed loop, the feed axes attain very high positioning accuracy and repeatability over the entire traverse range. This makes precise machining of neighboring sections on the workpiece possible, even with large changes to the cutter orientation and substantial periods between the individual machining steps. The attainable precision is visible in the intersections of the seam paths. Each intersection is approached in all three neighboring seams. In addition, the seam width remains constant over the entire circumference of the Telstar workpiece. Source: HeidenHain Five-Axis simultAneous PlAin milling: PolygonAl WorkPiece semi-closed loop: influences of the drive mechanics impair machining accuracy. the seam width varies. the seam intersections are visibly inaccurate. Five-axis machining provides considerable potential for reducing machining times. The lateral surface of a polygonal workpiece is finished simultaneously with a plain milling cutter in 5-axes in one revolution of the workpiece. Compared with 3-axis machining of the lateral surface with a ball-nose cutter, 5-axis machining reduces machining time to 30 percent. Precise machining with five simultaneously moving feed POWER TRANSMISSION-PART CONVEYING PYRATHANE BELTS With Lifetime Warranty Against Manufacturing Defects ® COLORS AVAILABLE Samples available at little or no cost CUSTOM MADE IN INCH, METRIC & O-RING SIZES Round, Flat and Connectable Polyurethane Belts Very Clean in Operation • Eliminates Tensioning Devices Exceptional Abrasion Resistance Line Shaft Conveyor Belts - Original Equipment & Connectable DIAMETAPE BELT MEASURING TOOL Allows for accurate, non destructive measurements on o-ring and belt inside diameter (ID) or inside circumference (IC). Available in Standard and Metric Sizes. AN ISO 9001 CERTIFIED COMPANY (P) 641.792.2405 • E-mail: 522 North Ninth Avenue East, Newton, IA 50208 Connectable ("PC") Belts available in diameters ranging from .093" through .562". F8 f lui d po wer/ m o t i o n c o n t r o l / a s u p p l e m e n t t o d e s ign ne ws Ja n u a ry 2013 [ www.designnews .com ]

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