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How to get hydraulic cylinder forces from compressed air ® Multi-Power ® Air Cylinders FABCO-AIR – – phone 1-352-373-3578 What these cylinders do – How they work – ✔ . . . deliver forces equivalent to low pressure hydraulics using only shop air pressure. Forces from under a hundred pounds to over 22 tons ! Fabco-Air attaches multiple pistons to a common shaft and provides internal air passages through the shaft to all pistons. ✔ . . . are easy to install having only two port connections and a variety of mounting styles. Exhaust from Retract Port Air Vent Air Vent Supply air applied to the extend port energizes all pistons simultaneously enabling tremendous thrusts to be obtained. Air Vent Male rod extension Retract port Air vent slot in baffle plate Cutaway view of a 4-piston model in extend mode Extend port High force in a small footprint for an automotive application – 2-piston Multi-Power® cylinder with clevis mount ✔ . . . cost far less and are cleaner than hydraulics. ✔ . . . conserve energy by using only one piston for retract stroke. ✔ . . . produce forces up to four times that of a conventional, single piston air cylinder. ✔ Get orders filled in 2 days 5 body styles. Bores 1/2" to 12". Strokes 1/8" to 12". Specifications: 4" bore x 5" stroke, Magnetic Piston, Shock and Speed Control. Multi-Power® cylinder adapted to a Fabco-Air linear slide has optional Dial-A-Stroke® feature. Supplying 4,720 lbs. of force at 100 PSI, the unit has a custom mounting/bearing block with 8 pre-loaded, sealed linear ball bearings supporting 4 hardened, precision guide shafts and a steel tool mounting plate. The Dial-A-Stroke® option enables precision adjustment of the extend stroke. Specials like this amount to almost half of our business. We can design, prototype and deliver custom samples within 72 hours! FABCO-AIR solves problems. Let us help ! w w w. fa b c o - a i r. c o m

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