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Fluid Power/Motion Control range of conditions, for example with varied housing tolerances in relation to a high-pressure area. Elaborate tests, involving extreme loads and operating conditions such as minimal traversing speeds and rapid pressure changes, confirmed the functional advantages compared to traditional seals. In service life tests, it achieved 15 million cycles without noticeable wear. The new seal also requires minimal housing space and its sealing function does not depend on piston clearance and radial piston movement. The most remarkable record, however, was achieved with regard to friction. When compared to traditional seals, both breakaway torque and stroke friction are up to 50 percent lower due to the innovative design. With the TR200, Simrit presents an innovative sealing geometry for the smooth operation of pneumatic cylinders with significantly increased efficiency. The increasing popularity of pneumatic drives is partly due to continuous development of sealing materials and seal designs, which offer the prerequisites for excellent pneumatic cylinder efficiencies. New seal designs provide innovative solutions to lower friction, decrease system noise, extend performance, and give the end product the differentiating factors manufacturers are looking for. Damp & Seal can replace multiple components. Joel Johnson is global vice president of technology for Simrit. For more information, go to ® PENINSULAR C Y L I N D E R C O. TIE-ROD TYPE CYLINDERS WELDED TYPE CYLINDERS MILL TYPE CYLINDERS METRIC CYLINDERS ALL MOUNTING STYLES CYLINDER ACCESSORIES PENINSULAR'S PROVEN CYLINDER FEATURES KEEP YOUR PLANT UP & RUNNING ! [ w w w. de s ig n n e w s . c o m ] January 2013 fluid power/power trans mission / a supple ment to design news F4

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