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Small size, big pump performance Fluid Power/Motion Control Damp & Seal in a pneumatic cylinder. NEW The leader in peristaltic pumps introduces the 114D pump. This new sprung track pump design delivers the performance, reliability and style not previously available in a pump of this size. The 114D joins thousands of off-the-shelf and custom peristaltic pump solutions for: Call for free catalog or trial. 1-800-282-8823 to friction and wear at the piston sealing ness directly influences friction behavior element. Failure of the piston seal is not and thus wear and the effectiveness of the desired, as industrial requirements dictate drive. The smaller the seal cross-section, reliable and durable sealing function even the larger the influence of reaction forces with increasing shaft speeds and cylinder on sealing element friction. The dynamic load. As a result, seal suppliers have devel- sealing function of the TR200 is assumed oped new solutions by a sealing area with a large to address piston seal the new geometThe piSTon iS radius. Withthe radial forces failure for increasing ric design, speeds and loads. For a key elemenT required for sealing can be example, the innovaachieved without any radial relaTing tive design knowledge compression of the cross-secTo The and essential matetion, as it is provided by the rial expertise used to perFormance design interference alone. This qualify Simrit's TR200 reduces the effect of friction oF a Low Friction piston and stick-slip to a minimum. seal provide a solution The static sealing force of pneumaTic that far exceeds the the TR200 is generated sepacylinDer. required performance rately and optimized by the limits, while reducing pressure from the system friction by up to 50 percent, thus sus- pushing concentric sealing edges against tainably increasing process efficiency and the front face of the installation groove safety. alone. The static sealing function is built If drives are to be highly efficient and up simultaneously and separately from reliable, it is necessary to minimize move- the dynamic seal edge, and is optimized ment of mass and thereby minimize according to function through the use of friction losses. If, however, the individual a much thinner area of the T-ring. Decoucomponents are designed to be smaller, pling of the static and dynamic function they become more compact and more sus- resulted in a patented-pending uniquely ceptible to deviations of the operating and shape seal. manufacturing parameters. Sealing stiffOverflow tests were carried out under a F2 f l u i d p o we r / mo tio n co nt r o l / a s up p le me nt to de s ign ne ws Ja n u a ry 2 0 1 3

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