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GADGET FREAK The Gadget Freak® Files Case #227 ADVERTISEMENT "KENNEL WATCH DOG" Amt 70001454 Capacitor; Ceramic; Cap 6.8 pF; Tol 0.25pF; Vol-Rtg 100 VDC; SMT; 0603; COG 70001456 'Capacitor; Tantalum; Cap 10 uF; Tol 10%; Vol-Rtg 10 VDC; SMT; 3216; ESR; 3 Ohms; CutTape 70001903 Capacitor; Ceramic; Cap 0.015 uF; Tol 10%; Vol-Rtg 50 VDC; SMT; 0603; X7R; Cut Tape 70001126 1 Capacitor; Ceramic; 100pF; 5%; 50V; Cut Tape 70095445 1 Capacitor; Ceramic; Cap; 27.0pF; Tol 5%; SMT; Vol-Rtg 50V; C0G; Cut Tape 70095494 1 Photos: Pete Cross Capacitor; Ceramic; Cap 8.2 pF; Tol 0.25pF; Vol-Rtg 100 VDC; SMT; 0603; COG 3 –64– 70001122 3 Design News | JANUARY 2013 | www.d esign n Capacitor; Ceramic; Cap 0.1 uF; Tol 5%; Vol-Rtg 16 VDC; SMT; 0603; X7R; Cut Tape 2 $500 to spend on Allied's website at or anywhere you please. And don't forget to supply us with a high-resolution video file of your gadget in action. E-mail Design News your proposed project (must incorporate electronic components and involve sensing, motion, timing and/ or networking elements) to, along with a description of how it works, a parts list, schematic, photos, and video. If your project is selected, you'll receive a $500 check from Design News and will be featured in an upcoming issue of the magazine or at with your invention. 70145499 2 Are you a Gadget Freak? Design News and Allied Electronics would like to send you a check for Battery; Silver Oxide; 200 mAh to 0.9 V; 1.55 V; 0.457 in. Dia. (Max.); 0.035 9 HAVE YOU EVER wondered how your cat or dog is being treated when you board it? Pete Cross did, so he created the PetInspect gadget, which records data on how a pet is being treated while in someone else's care. The data logger and wireless communications device lets you track your pet's environment — hot or cold — and whether your pet is getting enough exercise. The PetInspect gadget consists of a 16-bit microcontroller with 256K of Flash memory and sensors for pressure, temperature, activity, light, and proximity. DN Allied Part # 3 Wearable Computer Keeps Tabs on Fido & Kitty Part Description SCHOTTKY 100V 150MA SOD-123 CUT TAPE 70062026 1 Fuse; Resettable; 0.12A; Sz 1206; Dims 0.134x0.071x0.039"; SMT; 48VDC; DCR 6.5 Ohms 70059870 15 Single ROw Low Profile Pin Header 64 pins 70206594 Check out the PetInspect gadget in action at More of What You Need: Find schematics, build instructions, and a full parts list at Sign up for the Gadget Freak RSS feed and get the posts delivered directly to your desktop at To get Gadget Freak delivered directly to your inbox, go to For parts information. call (800) 433-5700 or go to Sponsored by »

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