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Design Engineering Products Best of the Engineering Marketplace Compiled by Lauren Muskett, Assistant Managing Editor Motors & Actuators Stainless-Steel W Series Motors all stainless-steel hygienic design promotes robust operation in harsh environments with frequent high-pressure washdown cleaning. Kollmorgen's Stainless-Steel W Series motors are IP69K-sealed hygienic servomotors featuring an all-stainlesssteel, round housing design that promotes long life and reliable operation in harsh food, beverage, and pharmaceutical applications, even subject to frequent high-pressure washdown cleaning. A robust design eliminates the need for additional housing and an innovative venting system eliminates the need for machine builders to supply compressed air to the motor. Three meter and six meter standard flying lead option eliminates the need for intermediate cables. The W series simplifies machine design and component integration. The precision balanced, low-cogging, and high torque density W Series motors use high-grade stainless steel for all external and internal metal components, food-grade bearing grease, a food-grade shaft seal, and a laser-etched nameplate. They are available in 16 frame/stack combinations, delivering continuous torque to 80Nm and peak torque to 390Nm at rated speeds to 7,500rpm. These attributes and performance enable food, beverage, and pharmaceutical OEMs to specify exactly the right motor for the application without having to overpay for an over-specified motor, or settle for a standard motor with a modified housing. Food, beverage, and pharmaceutical equipment machine builders generally use as many stainless-steel components as possible, and are increasingly doing so even in areas where non-hygienic motors have historically been used. Non-hygienic motors are difficult to clean and are prone to failure under the harsh operating conditions and rigorous cleaning schedules. Over time the exterior of painted motors can wear and chip, potentially causing paint to get into the end product. Stainless-Steel W Series Hygienic motors overcome these concerns and deliver the performance that will keep equipment up and running to maximize productivity. netic circuit to maximize power density, while also providing sustained endurance over the life of the motor. The 12GS brush DC motors are available with three winding options to suit varied application needs. The 12GS motor's optimized package size-to-performance ratio offers 10 percent less volume for the same performance and 50 percent more torque in the same package. Athlonix 12GS motors provide maximum continuous torque up to 1.5mNm to deliver higher endurance and performance while maintaining operational efficiency. 12GS motors are suited for use in life science and medical applications including fluid handling machines, Kollmorgen 12GS Brush DC Motors Size reduction without compromising efficiency Portescap introduces 12GS motors to its Athlonix platform of high-power density brush DC motors. New 12GS high-endurance motors deliver speedto-torque performance in a compact, lighter weight package (13.5g / 0.47 oz) with output power up to 1.2W. This enables OEMs to build smaller, lighter, and higher performing machines and devices. 12GS motors also feature an energy-efficient coreless design with an optimized self-supporting coil and magDesign News | jaNuary 2013 | www.d esign n –60– insulin pumps, and collimators. Portescap's Athlonix 12GS motors are compatible with incremental encoders and gearheads of various sizes and ratios. They are manufactured in an ISO certified facility and are RoHS-compliant. Portescap Tolomatic ErD Electric rod-Style actuators With optional reverse-parallel motor mounts Tolomatic's stainless-steel ERD electric cylinders with optional reverse-parallel motor mounts are for food and bever-

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