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Contents January 2013 vol. 68 no. 1 Accelerating Engineering Innovation 42 46 50 in partnership with Cover Story 42 Rising Engineering Stars 57 human-Like Bipedal Walking Robot In the world of robotics engineering there are two primary ways to view how a robot walks. The trick has always been keeping a dynamically walking robot upright. Meet the innovative engineers who are making a big impact on the industry. By LauREn MuSkEtt Features 46 Connector Selection When it comes to reliable system operation,choosing the right connector is key. By DaviD CianCioLo, FiSChER ConnECtoRS 50 Metal Replacement Gains velocity in automotive Polymers are making a stronger showing in automotive. By MaRC MEzaiLLES, PoLyonE EnGinEERED MatERiaLS By DEB SEttERS, Maxon PRECiSion MotoRS Columns 12 18 The owner of this audio equipment manufacturer discovered monkeys in his assembly operation. By FRank kaRkota 22 Walking the Safety Walk By RiChaRD naSS captain hybrid Could Pure Electrics Emit More than hybrids? A Carnegie Mellon researcher says bigger batteries aren't necessarily better. my opinion on ... A staggering statistic says that every 15 seconds somewhere in the world, an employee dies, and 160 others sustain a disabling injury. In most cases,these deaths and injuries were preventable if the appropriate safety measures were taken. made by monkeys Snafus With the Speakers By ChaRLES J. MuRRay 24 sherlock ohms the Dodge truck Was a Magnetized Mess This Sherlock Ohms nearly had to dismantle the car in order to find a magnetic snafu. By BoB huMPhREyS continued Cover Image: Debee rommel Design News | JaNuary 2013 | www.d esign n –5–

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