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Marshall Capps Software Engineer, TI's DLP(R) Products Division Texas Instruments Inc. Capps is developing the next generation of interactive display technology that will enable novel interfaces in new markets, and further enhance student/teacher interaction in traditional classrooms. He is most widely recognized for inventing and driving to market a projector technology that will bring interactive whiteboards to teachers and kids in rural areas. Capps has been recognized by IEEE-USA, was selected among the "New Faces of Engineering," and was named among Fast Company's "100 Most Creative People in Business." Kevin Chalmers Jaime Erickson Linux Software Applications Manager Senior Application Engineer, Life Sciences Texas Instruments Inc. Colder Products Company (CPC) Chalmers is a software innovator that manages the latest Linux Software Development Kits for ARM processors for customers and is committed to creating cuttingedge solutions. He is diligently working with the Linux community in boot software, kernel, file system, and tooling to offer customers a scalable software foundation with mainline Linux support. He is committed to customers and the ability to provide an up-todate complete software ecosystem that is constantly evolving. Although he's relatively new in his career, Erickson thinks big as a leader and as an engineer — challenging the status quo in product design and business concepts. He pioneered CPC's product platform that combines fluid connectors with electrical connectors in a single, integral, ease-to-use "Hybrid Coupling." He recognized early on that CPC's non-spill valve technology would enable the possibility of fluid and electrical connections to be made in close proximity. Gerald Coley Greg Hill Hardware Applications Engineer R&D Engineer Texas Instruments Inc. Agilent Technologies Inc. Coley is committed to making development fun and easy for the creative minds of the world. He helped create BeagleBoard, which opened doors for developers that they couldn't imagine before, and led the team to create an enhanced version, BeagleBoardxM. Last year, BeagleBone, a credit-card-sized Linux computer that connects to the Internet and runs software such as Android 4.0 and Ubuntu, was conceived. Thousands of developers have already adopted this mini-computer platform. Hill has led the development of AXIe – which transformed the proprietary Agilent Modular Platform into an open standard for the test and measurement industry. Within the AXIe Consortium, Hill drove the development of the AXIe 1.0 Base Architecture Specification. Hill also chairs the AXIe Technical Council, is contributing to the cPCIe Gen 2/3 specification, and is recognized within Agilent as a technical leader. Jason Kridner Nick Zacchia Software Architect & OpenSource Community Advocate PhD Candidate Texas Instruments Inc. While Zacchia was pursuing a bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering he was part of a team that built a functional electron accelerator. He has a passion for hands-on implementation of design. Recently, he gave a TEDx kids talk on how to work on your dream design project, pushing these younger people to have lofty goals. His passion for design is equaled by his love to share it. University of Santa Barbara When open-source software became popular several years ago, Kridner knew something big was on the horizon. He played an integral role in creating the Beagle platform, open-source development tools. Launched in 2008, is now one of the most active open-source communities in the industry. Design News | JANUARY 2013 | www.d esign n –45–

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