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Jeff Smoot Cover Story Vice President of Engineering David E. Palmer Metallurgist BRP US Inc. Dave Palmer is an expert in failure analysis and materials selection. He works as a metallurgist for BRP, selecting materials for the next generation of Evinrude outboard engines. He has been active in the industry, serving as a session chairman for the Society of Automotive Engineers' annual Small Engine Technical Conference. He holds a BS in Materials Science and Engineering from the Illinois Institute of Technology, and is completing his MS thesis at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. CUI Inc. Smoot plays a critical role in setting the strategy and product development roadmap for the company. One area where he has had an impact is in the development of CUI's AMT capacitive encoder line. Smoot worked tirelessly to bring the proprietary technology to market with the first products, the AMT102 and 103 incremental encoders. He has subsequently led the development of absolute and commutation versions of the AMT. Pierre Roux Senior Field Marketing Manager Atmel Corp. Dr. Aaron Ames Assistant Professor A&M Bipedal Experimental Robotics Lab (AMBER) Ames heads a team of students in the design, simulation, and fabrication of a robot that will walk like a human. Making a human-like bipedal walking robot will advance robotics into the area of high-level use. Ames' team is working toward surpassing the ability of wheeled robots, by focusing on collected data that shows that humans display a walking behavior that mirrors a mass-spring damper system. They are now on the path to replicate that system and engineering one of the first dynamically walking robots in the world. John Buchanan Mechanical Engineering Intern & Quality Control Inspector ICE Corp. & Kansas State University Buchanan is pursuing a mechanical engineering undergraduate degree from Kansas State University and is working full-time as a quality control inspector for ICE Corp. He is also developing testing equipment for fluid transfer pump controllers as an ME intern for ICE Corp. Buchanan has an innate and exceptional ability to comprehend systems, component interactions, and spatial awareness. This has allowed him to design and develop testing systems smaller, cheaper, and stronger, with four times the throughput of the previous generation of testing equipment. Read more profiles at Design News | JANUARY 2013 | w w w. d e s i g n n e w s . c o m –44– Roux is a young, aspiring engineer that has the rare combination of business, marketing, engineering know-how, and personality. This former field applications engineer is well respected and explains complex architectures in layman terms. He has the business sense and technical expertise to explain situations dealing with ARM-based cores from the speeds and feeds to why it will enable new next-generation applications. Srinivasa 'Srini' Sridhara Member Group Technical Staff Texas Instruments Inc. Sridhara leads the design of ultra-low-power memory in TI's Microcontroller business. His innovations in low power and energy efficiency are transforming electronics. Sridhara is known for developing an embedded processor chip that enables detection of epileptic seizures and achieved the lowest power consumption ever reported. He serves on technical advisory boards of the Semiconductor Research Corp. and has been invited to present his innovations at international conferences. Frank DeSimone Vice President of Software Development SpaceClaim Corp. DeSimone draws on his extensive strategic and technical experience to oversee the design and production of SpaceClaim's product line, working directly with the development team as they enhance the software. He wrote and holds seven patents related to SpaceClaim technology. DeSimone previously held product management and design positions at PTC, including playing an integral role in the development of PTC's Wildfire user interface.

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