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GreenScene Environmental news engineers can use \\\ By Rob Spiegel, Senior Editor Ford Delivers 1.0-Liter EcoBoost Engine The 2014 Ford Fiesta will be the first vehicle in the US to sport the company's 1.0-liter EcoBoost engine. While the engine has not yet undergone EPA testing, Ford is confident that it will be certified as the most fuel-efficient nonhybrid engine in the US. The engine is designed for efficiency, but Ford still brags about its power. It is projected to produce 123 horsepower and a peak torque of 148 lb-ft, and is Ford's first three-cylinder engine. It includes an offset crankshaft, variable oil pump, split cooling system, external-balancing, super-small responsive turbocharging, and a timing belt immersed in engine oil. Ford's EcoBoost efficient engine. Peak Shift Vending Machine Here's a vending machine that's designed to save energy. Coca-Cola Japan has introduced a peak shift vending machine designed to reduce the power needed to cool soft drinks. The trick is to store energy during the evening hours, when there is less strain on the power supply. This is said to reduce the daytime power consumption by 95 percent. The new machines are also designed for efficiency, reducing overall energy consumption by 68 percent. Natcore Rolls Out Black Silicon Solar Cell Solar energy company Natcore Technology Inc. has developed a black silicon solar cell using processes amenable to low-cost mass production. Natcore noted that after treating a wafer to make it the "blackest" silicon solar cell surface, technicians used their liquid phase deposition process to create the black silicon solar cell. The goal of creating black silicon is to have near-zero reflectivity. With a black cell, virtually all of the light that reaches the cell would be available for conversion into electricity. Environmentally advanced vending machine. GREEN GREEN UPDATES UPDATES Share your sustainable engineering news with Senior Editor Rob Spiegel at Design News | J A NU A RY 2013 | www.d esign n –30–

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